At dinner time, we are open in an izakaya style.
We do not accept reservations or use of Tamago Kake Gohan only.
Please order at least one drink at dinner time.
In addition, we charge 300 yen as a seat fee.
Thank you for your understanding.

Tamago Kake Gohan is a very basic simple egg dish in Japan. It is known as TKG, hot steamed rice topped with fresh raw egg. You may think it sounds strange, but it is a very popular dish in Japan (for Japanese) and really yummy (delicious).

You can enjoy eating TKG here at Kisaburo Nojyou. We are located only a 1 minute walk away from exit A2 of Sengoku station on the Mita Line.

We use only select eggs and premium ingredients from Japan. Especially our eggs, we only use the best eggs, farmer selected, that they would only eat themselves.

Not only TKG, our egg and chicken bowl with select Koshu free-range chicken and Fuji-Sakura pork from Yatsugatake are also very popular and must-eat dishes.

You are welcomed to enjoy our dishes with select Japanese Sake's as well. Please enjoy our Japanese dishes and feel the savory flavors of Yatsugatake.

Yuyake egg

Our signature egg. The yolk is the color of a beautiful sunset. Yuyake means Sunset in Japnese. Our Yuyake eggs, with their very rich taste, have 20 times the Vitamin E of regular eggs.

Hakushugo Egg

Our natural free-range chicken eggs, raised in Hakushu, like all of the eggs we use, contain no antibiotics or hormones.

Rice egg

Lemon colored egg yolks with 1/3(one third)the cholesterol of our other eggs.

Araucana egg

A sky blue egg that goes well with every dish.

Deba no Gomei Sui Akagara

Very sweet and rich....absolutely delicious.

Herb egg

Our herb eggs come from free-range chickens, raised eating natural herbs. These wonderful Herb Eggs compliment any dish including deserts as well.

Yuzu egg

Yuzu(Citron) flavored eggs rich in Vitamin C and minerals.

Star egg

Award Winning Egg - Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Our star eggs come from free-range chickens, raised eating seaweed, garlic, red chilli and sesame. Simple and bland egg.

Shop Information

Address 1-23-11.Sengoku Bunkyou-ku Tokyo
TEL & FAX 03-3943-3746
Access 1min walking from exit A2 of Sengoku Station,Mita Line
Opening Hour

【Lunch Time】
Mon to Fri 11:00~14:30(L.O)
Sat to Sun 11:00~16:00(L.O)

【Dinner Time】

Closed New Year's Holiday
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